Behind the Wall Campaign

kitsita treeyumprai
3 min readNov 13, 2020

Most people who get to suffer from depression ruined the quality of their lives. I could have said that I have found is one of its victims. It took me around 6 years to get myself better. It feels like a painful journey that wouldn’t have an end. Painful and suffered a lot happen to me and it’s all bring me down to the bad moments in my life. At that time, my parents have noticed that sometimes was wrong with me because my personality was changed. They bring me to see a psychiatric doctor and the results of that meeting were I’m got depression. I need to take an antidepressant and see my psychiatric doctor every 3 months.

For that reason, as my perspective, it’s can assure me that doctors and the ways how your family understands your condition problems are the common reason that can heal you. By the way that people around you understand your problem, it’s was very helpful for them to stay stronger. During the observation, the things that I found out are today many teenagers got a problem with their mental health from many issues such as bullying from school, cyberbullying from social media, family problems, and others. According to research more on these issues, the interesting thing that I found out was many teenagers are afraid to go to see a psychiatric doctor and afraid to tell their parents that they want to see a psychiatric doctor because of their have a wrong understanding of a mental hospital. According to research from Ms. Bunyaporn Kittisuntarophat in 2017, which represents people with schizophrenia in Thai Films at Thammasat University. The purpose of this research is to study the representation of people with schizophrenia in Thai films during 2008–2017, and the interpretation of direct-experience receivers. The result found that films have the power to select some truth about schizophrenia present to the audience, which stereotypes and reproduction for a long time, within medical concepts. This is the dominant discourse for control people with schizophrenia.

Therefore, after research, study, and comparing to my project, I decided to create a campaign that helps people who get suffering from depression to love themselves and call out for people who are afraid to see a psychiatrist doctor. By following the concept of the campaign makes me think about how my visual and design will be. I’m thinking about the words “behind the wall” which in my personal opinion I think it can represent a feeling and action that depression patient faces off. It feels like walls that hiding your mind from happiness even you know you get out of it. After testing and processing my idea into my mediums, I’m tried to create hashtags called #behindthewallth on Instagram to lets peoples see my project information. In the beginning, I’m will create a free positive thought on paper and put it in a public place such as SoA+D building, malls, bus stations, and others which makes some acts of kindness to people who deserve it.

#behindthewallth / IG: behindthewall_th

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