Consults Reflection feedbacks

kitsita treeyumprai
3 min readDec 30, 2020

From the last consultation about my project, which I came up with the idea of creating a campaign that helps people who get suffering from depression to love themselves and call out for people who are afraid to see a psychiatrist. It’s brought me to think about how my campaign will end up which start to create a book called “Behind the walls”. I will insert some new information about mental health to make a new perspective about a mental hospital. Right now I’m in the process of including my design and ideas into my campaign book which I will create an illustration of depression experiences and cheer up typography that I design to be a postcard in A5 size which peoples also can get it out into a decoration. However, I’m also concern about the coronavirus situation because if I want to create that kind of meeting project, it will give more risk rate for peoples who visit my project. Therefore, I begin to rethink my book platforms that can let people see my work from their computer. This lets me create an ebook from my campaign in PDF files and lets people who interest to see a real book version can print it out by themselves.

Behind the wall e-book (PDF files)
Positive Cross Words ( A4 size, 300 dpi)

Moreover, at the beginning of this project, I already created social media platforms for my campaign which I choose Instagram to be my main place to communicate and give information to people on online networks. The Instagram account is named “behindthewall_th” which I will give some short understanding information about mental health and create some guideline messages for people who afraid to call out for help from their family to see my work and understand their children.