Facebook surveillance through its app while looking on a screen.

kitsita treeyumprai
2 min readSep 16, 2020

Nowadays, Social Media such as Facebook have their business model to keep people using their applications to engage the time on screen to get our attention while adding some advertisements on people like us to see. But, how would they know what staff or any interesting thing that we think or searching is also having on Facebook too? Every single action that we do on Facebook can be recording and predict your personality.

Facebook’s platforms are underpinned by algorithmic systems that process a huge volume of data that try to correct our detailed characteristics about people and shape their online experience.

For that reason, I try to research about How Facebook can surveillance to our information which corrects our behaviors and the thing that I found out is those internet companies were working together as a team to spying people’s behaviors on Social networks. Facebook has a conducted called

“Massive-scale contagion experiments” like how do we use on the Facebook Pages. However, Facebook must not be allowed to dictate how we live online. It needs to depend on privacy and freedom of expression which every human right suppose to have.

There are 3 main concepts that I want to represent as a visible thing while using surveillance goals, There’s ENGAGEMENT that drives people to update their status or having any movement in what they want us to see. There’s GROWTH that keeping people on the screen such as Facebook that notifies you when they have someone was tagging you in their photo. They try to use the psychological of humans to get attention. There’s ADVERTISEMENT that they try to add some ADS to your feed while playing on their app.

Most people wouldn’t know that Facebook can affect real-world behavior and emotions without the user’s awareness.

For all of the ideas and research that I did make me think about the ways how to express my mediums which makes everyone understand the ways how those online companies depend on each other.

I come up with the idea of making a collage that includes the idea of a satirical way.