Internet pattern Tools

kitsita treeyumprai
2 min readAug 3, 2020

Nowadays, technology becomes an important part of everyone's life that makes our life get easier. As the Internet that also comes along together with those technologies, we can not refuse that it completely changes our life and identity.

We’ve grown into such intimacy with your internet that you can’t get rid of us. Bonded with your voice assistants, your social media, your translation services, your game platforms, we are ubiquitous. — A Cyber-Cuscuta Manifesto, Regina Kanyu Wang.

Today, as a human being, everyone in society definitely becomes one part of the internet either way. As teenagers, a lot of social media becomes the biggest part of our lives that we try to care with. It becomes the new way that communicates us to explore ourselves to society. Many people try to be accepted by making their social media more interested than other's accounts. Every morning after we wake up, Most people will check our social media account to see what going on to others in their social media accounts. It automatically makes us become inquisitive and also, by the way, it can make us compare their life with ourselves. We try to give much effort into those social media. It can show that those new things such as the internet doesn’t mean it will give us only the positive side.

“ However, the room has become a channel toward-destructive thoughts, instead of a release away from them.” — The Veldt, Ray Bradbury.

This article talks about the convenience of the parents who are spoiling their children by letting them use technology in the house, while he let he use it too much, his son started to do everything by himself without called help from his parents. Therefore, it feels like a good thing forwards, but in the wrong way which possibly affects their child’s. For this reason, The problem is not the technology but it was the way we use it for.

It makes me think about my social media routine which I am the one who’s playing and check it out in my everyday life. From my perspective, I think when technology has come into our lives, it makes many benefits to people for choosing our own lifestyles to live in their own ways. It makes us see the world clearing than we ever mention for. However, there also has a negative side which everyone really attends while we don’t know. It brings us concern about our life which try to make us compare our life to others in social media.

When technology comes, It shows how technology can change us by the ways we use it. Many people try to care a lot about their look on the internet more than care about the things in reality. It needs to be our responsibility to weight out how we will use it and when we will stop. People use to know each other easier than before and sometimes it not a good choice that we actually know each other easier cause it means it can be more dangerous than meeting friends in reality.