The Social Media platforms

kitsita treeyumprai
2 min readAug 10, 2020

The Sprawl — “From Psy-Op to Psycho Pop”

Comparing to The Sprawl website which expresses us the Propaganda About Propaganda which makes me concern about how the internet can bring us to the future and the way we use the internet to see the world. As the video named “From Psy-Op to Psycho Pop” shows us about the psychological operation that they visit the premises of an abandoned “internet troll farm” in St. Petersburg, Russia. The video brings me to think about how the internet uses to guides us and how it can change our identity and specific character that everyone's use to have.

As a teenager, Social media become the other impact world that we try to concentrate in our life. When we going somewhere or eating something, we usually picking up our phone to take pictures by automatically. It forces us to build up our part into a social media society. Some people try to make themselves become famous to be as influencers. There try to build their profile to look good and better life to lets others feel jealous with. However, those profile accounts maybe don’t really as all ways.

“From Psy-Op to Psycho Pop” — The Sprawl

This video guides me to make a question to myself about how social media become a part that we need to valuable with? and is it right to believe those influencers?

As a girl in this video, it represents me to think about the influencer's marketing which has a lot of part in social media today. Somehow, it doesn’t mean that those products or the things that they promoted can be trusted. It was a business part that those influencers need to talk only that the good side. As consumers, we should value that information on the internet carefully.